I Think My Brain Is Full!

Help, I think my brain is full! Or at least that’s how it often seems to me.

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with information from radio, TV, social media and the press. As far as I am concerned, about 99% of what is thrown at us by these sources is at least of questionable value, and more commonly, absolute rubbish. My fear is that my brain will fill with this dross, leaving no room for important stuff or the capacity for rational thought.

Hence this blog. Here is where I will dump the random, vaguely interesting, and often useless stuff that rattles around in my head in the hope that it may be at least mildly entertaining and/or useful to you.

Now, as you can probably tell, I’m no writer (at least not yet). With this being my first attempt at blogging, or creative writing of any kind for that matter, I am likely to make mistakes – probably lots of them. Please be patient while I find my way and hopefully develop a style that entertains and keeps you coming back for more.

I think my brain is a little less full now. Until next time…


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